Hi, I’m Anna Victoria…


…and I am an Interior Architect Student.

A few years ago, while on a contract job with a lighting manufacturer, I was introduced to the world of commercial lighting. This provided the spark that created the beginning of my journey toward design. A colleague once told me, “If you are still working here in 6 months, lighting will never leave you.” It has been five years since that conversation and she was right, lighting is still a part of me and a huge part of my career goals after graduation. 

My aspirations to change careers and become a lighting designer led me to the Interior Architecture program (IARc) at UNC Greensboro. With the education I will be obtaining at this institution, I hope to become a well rounded designer. What I love about the IARc program is I will have hands on experience building and designing my own furniture and light fixtures. While I am still discovering my aesthetic, I am inspired by the natural world and a desire to bring people together. 

I am enthusiastically working on growing my portfolio. Please, take a look and enjoy!

Anna Victoria is currently in her second year at IARc with expected graduation from UNCG in 2022.